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Techtech repairs computers,

laptops, phones, tablets, and electronics.

We fix all sorts of oddities and problems. We've included a short list of the types of things we do below, but if it's not listed for some reason: feel free to ask us above. Chances are is that we do it too but there just isn't enough space on this website to list everything.

Fix your computer in a few easy steps.

Techtech handles the tough stuff, you just take care of dropping it off.


    1. Drop by our store. Anytime.

    We understand schedules can be hectic - which is why an appointment is not required. Just drop off your computer at any of our stores. Use the Locator to find a store. Please ensure that your data has been backed up somewhere else before you bring in a computer for repair.

  • 2. Free Diagnostic Testing.

    We will run tests to determine what the problem is and can usually provide same-day detailed results and quotations while you wait. If you are on a tight schedule and can't wait, we can call you with updates instead.

  • 3. Our geeks start working.

    Our geeks begin their magic as soon as you accept our price quotation. Parts are usually in stock, so you won't need to wait months for parts unlike at a big box store.

  • 4. Ready for pickup.

    Every completed repair is double checked by another geek to ensure quality and accuracy. We'll give you a call when everything is done. You pay only when you are completely satisfied. If something isn't right, please let us know.

Our geeks have extensive experience working with Microsoft Windows (PC), Apple OSX (Mac), and Linux (All distributions) based computers and laptops. We are confident we can solve your problem quickly and affordably, guaranteed.

Price List for Computers (Desktops)

Price List for Laptops

  • Laptop screen replacement (Labor Only) flat rate - $15
  • Laptop AC DC Power Jack replacement (Labor Only) flat rate - $65
  • Laptop video problem and motherboard repair (Labor Only) start from $80 - $80
  • Apple Macbook A1181 A1342 motherboard water damage repair (Labor Only) start from $150 - $150
  • Apple Macbook Pro A1278 A1286 etc motherboard water damage repair (Labor Only) start from $200 - $200
  • Apple Macbook Pro iMac All Models EFI password Removal! $150+ - $150

Cellphones: While-u-wait.

Drop off your broken cell phone and get it back the same day* in working condition after you're done your grocery shopping. Our work schedule revolves around you, not the other way around.

Cellphone Price List

Gaming repairs, in two hours.

We can fix your Sony Playstation 3 (PS3), your Microsoft XBOX 360 (X360), or even your Nintendo Wii U. We take your gaming needs seriously, which is why we can usually guarantee a turnaround time of two hours for most fixes (if parts are in stock).

Our geeks are gamers too. We understand.

Gaming Price List